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From Swoosh to Wolf: Exploring the Next Chapter of Golf's Most Iconic Figure

The PNC Championship saw Mister and Master Woods lock horns with champions past and present. Rumours were circulating that this could be the last time we saw TW in Nike clothing.

Much has been made of his move to Footjoy shoes and this was presumed to be the ongoing issues with his ankles, legs, knees, back. He really is the modern day Bionic Man!

Following a solid showing from team Woods', there was a deleted post around the attire that Master Woods was wearing, welcoming him to the Greyson family.... Justin Thomas, Matt Fitzpatrick, Sam Ryder and Erik Van Rooyen are "Pack Leaders" amongst others.

Greyson was founded by Charlie Schaefer, the previous SVP of design at Ralph Lauren.

It really has risen to prominence in the last 2/3 years.

For now we will wait and see if Woods senior joins his son and establishes himself as the alpha "Pack Leader", but wherever he goes, expect stock prices to soar and all of us weekend hackers to want to wear their gear!

With all the mess going on within the pro game, it's nice to be able to talk about something slightly more mundane again!

Although as my wife reminds me, I'm 40 next year, so I may need to look at the attire I'm wearing now.....

Feel free to add any comments around things you'd like to hear about... Golf related of course!

Happy golfing and Happy New Year everyone.



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